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Dervish in Asia History Dervish, a Persian word, meaning “seeking doors,” i.e. “beggar,” and thus equivalent to the Arabic faqïr (fakir). Generally in Islam it indicates a member of a religious fraternity, whether mendicant or not; but in Turkey and Persia it indicates more exactly a […]

Iranian Legal System

Asia Home > Iran Home> Iranian Legal System Iranian Legal System in Asia Iran (Persia, officially named the Islamic Republic of Iran), is situated in Western Asia. The legal system of Iran is mixed (Muslim/Civil law). The country has basically religious legal system based on sharia law. […]


Acquisition in Asia Definition of Acquisition in Acquisition in the Legal Dictionary. See encyclopedic entry about Acquisition In the Legal Wiki Encyclopedia: Acquisition. Related Terms Acquisition: noun acceptance acceptation acquirement appropriation assumption attainment find gain gleaning […]