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Hong Kong Legal Portal in Asia History of the Hong Kong Legal System The Hong Kong legal tradition has been shaped by many different influences, domestic as well as foreign. More than one different legal system has coexisted in Hong Kong at various points in the long country history. The […]

Hong Kong Legal System

Asia Home > Hong Kong Home> Hong Kong Legal System. Hong Kong Legal System in Asia Hong Kong is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. The Hong Kong law system is mixed (Common law/Customary). This mixed legal system of common law is based on the […]


Accuse in Asia Definition of Accuse in Accuse in the Legal Dictionary. See encyclopedic entry about Accuse In the Legal Wiki Encyclopedia: Accuse. Related Terms Accuse: verb accusare arguere attack blame bring a charge bring accusation bring in a true bill charge with citare cite complain […]