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Reason: (Basis), noun

  • account
  • actuation
  • aim
  • argument
  • causa
  • causation
  • cause
  • consideration
  • defense
  • derivation
  • design
  • end
  • excuse
  • explanation
  • extenuation
  • foundation
  • genesis
  • goal
  • ground
  • impetus
  • incentive
  • incitation
  • inducement
  • inspiration
  • instigation
  • intent
  • intention
  • mainspring
  • motivation
  • motive
  • object
  • origin
  • prime mover
  • principle
  • provocation
  • purpose
  • ratio
  • rationale
  • root
  • sake
  • source
  • spring
  • stimulation
  • vindication
  • wherefore
  • Associated Concepts: reason for classification foreign phrases: Causapatet
  • The reason is apparent
  • Eadem est ratio
  • eadem est lex
  • The reason being the same
  • the law is the same
  • Vitium est quodfugi debet
  • ne
  • si rationem non invenias
  • mox legem sine ratione esse clames
  • It is a fault which ought to be avoided
  • that if you cannot discover the reason you presently exclaim that the law is without reason
  • Ratiopotestallegari deficiente lege; sed vera et legalis et non apparens
  • Where the law is deficient
  • the reason can be alleged
  • but it must be true and lawful and not merely apparent

Reason: (Conclude), verb

  • analyze
  • cerebrate
  • cogitate
  • conclude
  • consider
  • contemplate
  • deduce
  • deliberate
  • derive
  • draw inferences
  • examine
  • excogitate
  • figure out
  • gather
  • hypothesize
  • infer
  • intellectualize
  • judge
  • make deductions
  • philosophize
  • ponder
  • ratiocinan
  • ratiocinate
  • rationalize
  • reflect
  • resolve
  • study
  • suppose
  • theorize
  • think
  • think through
  • try conclusions
  • turn over in the mind
  • weigh

Reason: (Persuade), verb

  • advise
  • argue
  • bring to reason
  • coax
  • contend
  • convince
  • debate
  • demonstrate
  • discuss
  • dissuade
  • establish
  • explain
  • expostulate
  • expound
  • join issue
  • justify
  • move
  • persuade
  • plead
  • point out
  • prevail upon
  • prove
  • remonstrate
  • set forth
  • speak logically
  • talk over
  • urge
  • ventilate a question
  • win over

Reason: (Soundjudgment), noun

  • ability to know
  • acumen
  • apperception
  • awareness
  • clearheadedness
  • cognition
  • cognizance
  • common sense
  • comprehension
  • consilium
  • discernment
  • discretion
  • discrimination
  • good sense
  • insight
  • intellect
  • intelligence
  • judiciousness
  • knowledge
  • logic
  • logicalness
  • lucidity
  • mens
  • mental capacity
  • mind
  • perception
  • percipiency
  • rationality
  • recognition
  • sagacity
  • sanity
  • sense
  • sensibility
  • sensibleness
  • sobriety
  • thinking
  • thought
  • understanding
  • wisdom Associated Concepts: business reason
  • rule of reason foreign phrases: Quaere dedubiis
  • quia per rationes pervenitur ad legitimam rationem
  • Inquire into doubtful matters
  • because by reasoning we arrive at legal reason
  • Lex est diet amen rationis
  • Law is the dictate of reason
  • Lex est ratio summa
  • quae jubet quae sunt utilia et necessaria
  • et contraria prohibet
  • That which is law is the consummation of reason
  • which commands those things useful and necessary
  • while prohibiting the contrary
  • Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum
  • Nothing is lawful which is contrary to reason
  • Lex plus laudatur quando rationeprobatur
  • The law is most praiseworthy when it is consistent with reason
  • Ratio non clauditur loco
  • Reason is not confined to any place
  • Ratio et auctoritas duo clarissima mundi lumina
  • Reason and authority are the two brightest lights in the world
  • Ratio legis est anima legis
  • The reason of the law is the spirit of the law
  • Ratio in jure aequitas integra
  • Reason in law is impartial equity
  • Ratio estformalis causa consuetudinis
  • Reason is the source and cause of custom
  • Lex semperintenditquodconvenitrationi
  • The law always intends what is agreeable to reason
  • Quodnaturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituit
  • vocatur jus gentium
  • The rule which natural reason has established among all men is called the law of nations
  • Reason is the soul of law; the reason of law being changed
  • the law is also changed

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