Kurds in Asia History of KŪRDISTĀN In its wider sense, it is the “country of the Kūrds” (Koords), including that part of Mount Taurus which buttresses the Armenian table-land (see Armenia), and is intersected by the Batman Su, the Bohtan Su, and other tributaries of the Tigris; and the wild […]


Dervish in Asia History Dervish, a Persian word, meaning “seeking doors,” i.e. “beggar,” and thus equivalent to the Arabic faqïr (fakir). Generally in Islam it indicates a member of a religious fraternity, whether mendicant or not; but in Turkey and Persia it indicates more exactly a […]


Kūrdistān in Asia History Kūrdistān, in the narrower sense, a province of Persia, situated in the hilly districts between Azerbaijan and Kermanshah, and extending to the Turkish frontier on the W., and bounded on the E. by Gerrus and Hamadan. In proportion to its size and population it pays a […]


Annam in Asia History Annam, or Anam, a country of south-eastern Asia, now forming a French protectorate, part of the peninsula of Indo-China. (See Indo-China, French). It is bounded N. by Tongking, E. and S.E. by the China Sea, S.W. by Cochin-China, and W. by Cambodia and Laos. It […]


Burma in Asia Introduction COLONIZED BY THE BRITISH IN THE 19TH CENTURY, Burma was governed as a province of the Indian Empire until 1937. It gained independence in 1948. Bordered primarily by China, India, and Thailand, Burma has recently been defined by its struggle for democracy against […]


Bangkok in Asia History The government of Bangkok is entrusted to the minister of the capital, a member of the cabinet. Under this minister are the police, sanitary, harbour master’s and revenue offices. The police force is an efficient and well-organized body of 3000 men headed by a […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong in Asia Xianggang Tebie Xingzhengqu (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) According to the work “Guide to Foreign and International Citations”, by the Journal of International Law and Politics (New York University School of Law): The People’s Republic of China resumed […]