Mustafa Kemal

Mustafa Kemal in Asia Mustafa Kemal History Founder of the modern Turkish republic and President from 1923-1938. Played a key military role in opposing the Treaty of Sevres, and changed some of the terms. He encouraged the westernisation of Turkey, and became known as Ataturk – Father of the […]

Muslim League

Muslim League in Asia Muslim League History Set up in 1906, the Muslim League demanded Indian independence from the United Kingdom. After the Congress Party won most provincial governments in 1936, Mohammed Ali Jinnah increasingly demanded partition. He would only countenance independence in […]


Megiddo in Asia Battle of Megiddo History Throughout the First World War Turkey threatened the United Kingdom’s oil supplies in Persia and territory in Egypt. The Allies were forced to deploy 600,000 British and Empire troops there and gradually drove the Turks back until they finally defeated […]