Christianity in Asia

Asia is the cradle and the primitive home of Christianity; for it was in its extreme south-western borders, i. e., in Palestine, the home of the Chosen People, that the Founder of Christianity chose to appear, to live, and to preach the New Dispensation. Soon after Jesus’ death, his Apostles […]

Judaism in Asia

Toward the twelfth century before the Christian Era, we find the Hebrews permanently settled in Palestine. The earliest known Hebrew migrations from Palestine occurred during the reign of Sargon, King of Assyria (722-705 B. C.), who having in 722 captured Sumeria, the capital of the northern […]

Catholicism in Asia

Asiatic Turkey The entire Christian population of Asiatic Turkey is 3,649,882, of which 692,431 are Catholics, 97,370 Protestants, and the remaining schismatics. They may be classified as follows: Asia Minor: 6,423 Catholic Armenians; 193,416 Schismatic Armenians; 994,922 Schismatic […]