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Capital Punishment in Asia

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Capital Punishment: noun

  • dealing death
  • death
  • death sentence
  • execution
  • extreme penalty
  • judicial murder
  • killing Associated Concepts: cruel and unusual punishment

History of Capital Punishment in some Asian Countries


The penalty of death is executed by hanging within a prison. It may be imposed for executing or contriving acts of violence against the mikado or certain of his family, and for seditious violence with the object of seizing the territory or subverting the government or laws of Japan, or conspiring with foreign powers to commence hostilities against Japan. It is inflicted for certain forms of homicide, substantially wilful murder in the first degree.

India and Ceilon

Under the Indian Penal Code sentence of death may be passed for waging war against the king (s. 121) and for murder (s. 302). If the murder is committed by a man under sentence of transportation for life the death penalty must be imposed (s. 303). In other cases it is alternative. This code has been in substance adopted in Ceylon, in Straits Settlements and Hong-Kong, and in the Sudan.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica (1911)


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