International Organizations

International Organizations in Asia Introduction An International Organization can be defined, following the International Law Commission, as an “organization established by a treaty or other instrument governed by international law and possessing its own international legal personality.” […]

Commercial law

Commercial law in Asia Related Items in the Asian Wiki Legal Encyclopedia: Commercial Commercial in Asia Definition of Commercial in Commercial in the Legal Dictionary. See encyclopedic entry about Commercial In the Legal Wiki Encyclopedia: Commercial. Related Terms… By Category Browse by Legal Category Administrative Law Australia Books Business law Cases Child Civil law Commercial … Read more

List of Alternative Dispute Resolution online resources

List of Alternative Dispute Resolution online resources, specially from Australia in Asia 1. ADR Chambers (UK) Ltd Description ADR Chambers (UK) Ltd (ADR Chambers) is a unique Alternative Dispute Resolution Group consisting of retired Law Lords, Lords Justices, High Court Judges, Circuit […]


Burmanization in Asia GUY HORTON HAS SEEN PEOPLE DOING FORCED LABOR in Burma’s jungle, smelled the rotting corpses of villagers killed by bayonets, and heard the cries of a small child being tossed by government troops into a burning hut. But it was something seemingly trivial that […]