Malaysian Legal System

Asia Home > Malaysia Home> Malaysian Legal System Malaysian Legal System in Asia Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia. The legal system of Malaysia is mixed (Muslim law +Common law + Customary law). The country has, therefore, an hybrid legal system of English common law, Islamic law and […]

Israeli Legal System

Asia Home > Israel Home> Israeli Legal System. Israeli Legal System in Asia Israel (official name: State of Israel), is situated on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (Middle East). The legal system of Israel is really mixed (Civil law + Common law + Jewish law + Muslim law).It […]

Iranian Legal System

Asia Home > Iran Home> Iranian Legal System Iranian Legal System in Asia Iran (Persia, officially named the Islamic Republic of Iran), is situated in Western Asia. The legal system of Iran is mixed (Muslim/Civil law). The country has basically religious legal system based on sharia law. […]

Indonesian Legal System

Asia Home > Indonesia Home> Indonesian Legal System. Indonesian Legal System in Asia The legal system in Indonesia is mixed (Civil law/Muslim/Customary). It is mainly a civil law system based on the Roman-Dutch model and influenced by customary law. Legal Research in Indonesia: a Guide […]